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Spot buy Service

source:fpgastores.com date:2020-07-31

Confronted with a complex global spot market, don't you consider it to be unreachable and difficult to make choices; after repeated comparisons and pause and ponder, you have wasted your time and become dazzled so as to miss business opportunities.

With abundant industry experience and channel advantage, FPGASTORES can make them easy for you. Not only can we help you defend procurement risks, but provide you a full range of guarantee from procurement, quality to services when you purchase electronic components so that you can save your money and time and also have nothing to worry.

In addition to creating the maximum value for customers, we concentrate on establishing high-grade and preponderant inventory data; the more the data are, the better the result will be. As far as the ERP of FPGASTORES is concerned, more than 10,000,000 effective inventory data can be retrieved in real time. Furthermore, those inventory data are derived from the storage of FPGASTORES as well as the original factory, OEM, ODM, OBM, agents, prompt goods dealers and distributors and optimal solutions can be provided to customers efficiently according to their demands and requirements based on our channel advantage and specialized knowledge.

As the world-leading independent distributor of electronic components, we treat our businesses as missions. FPGASTORES is your most reliable cooperative partner at the time of purchasing such components.

Packing Service

1.Tape & Reel
4.Lead Formation & Crimping
We provide a full range of packaging services, governed by the size and configuration of your component, strictly observing the requirements of EIA-481 Standard and performing in an ESD safe handling work environment to make sure your products are produced and delivered in a right condition with international standards.

Logistics services

We are glad to provide a wide range of logistics services and expertise to our global customers, without you having to maintain global teams and locations.Regardless of where you are, from where the electronic components are coming, or where they are going, we can provide a one-stop solution for you, from transshipping, drop shipping, warehousing, pick and pack, and tracking services to a complete logistics solution.