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Quality Control

source:fpgastores.com date:2020-07-31

For FPGASTORES, quality is always the key to enterprise's success or failure and everything is equal to be negative without quality. To be specific, marketing is equal to be negative, reputation is equal to be negative and brand is equal to be negative. All the way, we have devoted our efforts to pursuing a quality management system of "Zero Defect". Therefore, we set up a set of impeccable quality management system ranging from the supply chain management to the quality inspection process.

Statement of FPGASTORES:

It is claimed by FPGASTORES that all products sold are 100% authentic. Each product has been tested carefully before being sent to the customer. It is our aim to be responsible for our customers and make them satisfactory.


Use of stereoscopic microscope, the appearance of components for 360 ° all-round observation. The focus of observation status include product packaging; chip type, date, batch; printing and packaging state; pin arrangement, coplanar with the plating of the case and so on. Visual inspection can quickly understand the requirement to meetthe external requirements of the original brand manufacturers, anti-static andmoisture standards, and whether used or refurbished.

Policy on Environment:

FPGASTORES has been attaching importance to the environmental protection so as to prevent pollution from appearing and satisfy the need for supervision and environmental protection. We will join hands with our Customers,Suppliers as well as the Community in order to know more about the environmental problem and support the work of optimizing the cooperative partnership, reducing the trade impact on environment as much as possible.

Quality Control
Quality Control